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Adam Walker boring the crap out of the massed ranks of the BNP

I often wonder whether the people who take a leading role in the far-right actually believe the crap they try to feed to their supporters. I would have thought that after months of seeing his party torn apart from internal bickering, numerous failed court cases (and the financial problems that these failures cause) and a speedily diminishing membership, Nick Griffin would have wanted to keep his head down.

But, no. Ever-ready as he always has been to jump on the back of any passing bandwagon, Griffin and his chums (Japanese war-crimes apologist Adam Walker and a bunch of other idiots) turned up at Hyde today, dishing out leaflets and making himself look as if he was in some way involved in organising today's demo. Like the BNP could get a few hundred people out on the streets any more.

In fact, today's demonstration was called by the EDL simply to have a go at Muslims but using the pretext of an attack on two young white men by a group of other young men who were, we are told, 'Asian'. Naturally, the fact that the mother of one of the injured lads had asked them to stay away, made absolutely no difference to either the English Defence League or the British National Party. They both yearn for race war in this country and will both do all they can to encourage it to happen.

According to the BBC, the demo attracted six hundred supporters, though reports from people who were there with the EDL suggest the number was closer to four hundred. Either way, this is rather more than Nick Griffin could muster up: his entourage (including his security and everyone he could get from the entire Greater Manchester area) was less than twenty.

Thankfully, there wasn't a great deal of trouble at Hyde, with most arrests of EDL supporters for (surprise, surprise) being drunk and disorderly.

The best quote of the day came from the increasingly-delusional Griffin's Twitter feed, in which he said;

'Phenomenal response in Heywood. Greeted like liberating army!'

Of course, you were. We can see that from the picture below.


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